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Why Buy Leads?

Buying Auto Finance Leads Is Easier


In-house Marketing Vs. Buying Auto Loan Leads

Doing in house marketing will cost significantly more than working directly with an exclusive lead provider. An in-house marketing professional salary will cost you $3000-$5000 per month. Working with a developer and a graphic designer will cost you $2000-$3000. Then spending money on advertising will cost you $3000-$8000 depending how aggressive you want to be.

  • We have seen dealerships spend $500 per lead.
  • With us our cost per lead is significantly less and you don’t have the headache of marketing or advertising.
  • Our prices are significantly cheaper and produce higher conversions.

The difference is, we have the buying power and expertise to get leads for cheaper then what you could obtain them for. Buying leads from us just flat out easier.


Attention Franchise & Independent Dealerships


Our service is great for both Franchise and Independent dealerships. You must however be serious about growing your sales and your inventory if you are going work with us. You can order any amount of leads per month you want. 10 leads per month is the minimum. We currently are working with many franchise and independent dealerships across Canada. Few things you must have before starting with us:

  • You must have sales department
  • You must be eager to get more sales
  • You must be able call your leads immediately

Our leads are not guaranteed sales. They do require your attention to convert at 20%+ conversion!

Private and franchise dealerships with a special financing department know the power of financing deals. The difference of selling financing vs cash is a difference of thousands in profit and commission for you and your team.

….New car buyers can go anywhere, we know that, that’s why we focus on auto financing leads and we are the best in Canada at generating them.



How To Grow Your Dealership Within 4-6 Weeks

We work directly with dealerships and understand what works and what doesn’t. Your competition won’t share the knowledge we know. We will help you achieve the coveted 20%+ sales conversion to explode your ROI. If you make money, we will make money, if you don’t cancel at any time. Someone will take the leads and we hope it’s you. We are your Local Auto Finance Lead Generation Experts located in Canada. Growing your dealership when you have leads is easy. You need leads to focus on sales.

Tips on growing your dealership 

  • Buy Leads and focus on sales conversion
  • Have more then 1 source of leads at all times
  • Follow up with leads until you get a NO or a call me back in 3 months
  • Scale your department as you grow

When you partner with a company like ours, you get the traffic/leads. Assign your team members to leads and monitor your conversions.  This way you can focus on just sales and making sure your sales processes are optimized and let us worry about getting you 2 leads a day or 20 leads a day… You decide.


Need to sell more cars?

Purchase Exclusive Auto Loan Leads & Watch Your Sales Increase In Just 4-6 Weeks! We are Best Auto Finance Lead Provider in Canada. Get Exclusive Highest Quality Leads. Leads start within 7 days from order.

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