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About Auto Lead Kings

We are a group of automotive lead generation experts. We have perfected the model of pay per lead in the auto finance industry and offer amazing ROI based pay per lead to car dealerships. We launched in 2015 and have quickly become a leader in providing exclusive auto finance leads. Auto Lead Kings is NOW Canada’s Top “Rated By Our Clients” Exclusive Auto Finance Lead Provider. Our leads are generated from  Offline, Online, Mail out, Newspaper, TV, Radio, Call Centre, Affiliates, and many more avenues of marketing. Dealerships love our service, commitment to quality lead generation, and the exclusivity is key. Our service is for eager and motivated financing departments who want to get more sales.

Our Pay Per Lead Service is NO contract and NO monthly fees. You pay only for qualified auto finance leads.


What Does Exclusive Leads Really Mean?

Exclusive means that you are the ONLY dealership to get the leads we send you. This gives you a distinct advantage in closing. To be exact because our leads are exclusive they close at 20%+.


What is a qualified auto finance lead in [cfgeo return=”region”]?

The lead you receive via email must:

  1. Be interested in getting a car loan
  2. Be earning $1800 per month
  3. Have a license
  4. Be able to obtain insurance

If the lead meets this criteria, it is a qualified lead. ONLY Pay For Qualified Leads. Click here to read our lead policy.


Dealerships That Grow Use Exclusive Auto Lead Services Like Ours.

…. That’s why we are here. To help you sell more cars and make your dealership a positive ROI. Our pay per lead services is exactly what a dealership needs to improve sales by 50-100%. Within 4-6 weeks of using our service you will experience a hike in sales and will likely request more leads. Bring it on.


Need to sell more cars?

Purchase Exclusive Auto Loan Leads & Watch Your Sales Increase In Just 4-6 Weeks! We are Best Auto Finance Lead Provider in Canada. Get Exclusive Highest Quality Leads Anywhere in [cfgeo return=”region”].

Leads start within 7 days from order.

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