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Are you a car dealership?

Do you want to sell 10 more cars per month?

…or 100 more cars per month?


We are Canada’s best exclusive provider of Auto Finance Leads! Auto Lead Kings provides exclusive Auto Loan Leads every day to dealerships just like yours. We have doubled the sales of financing departments in independent and franchise car dealerships. Working with us is an advantage you have over your competition. Whether you want to sell 5 cars per month or 300 cars per month, we will help you. Our company takes enormous pride in the quality of our leads. Our leads convert at over 20% with eager ready to sell financing departments. Our clients report our leads convert the best from all their providers. Big dealerships know… Buy Leads to increase sales. If you are a car dealership with a financing department, we encourage you to inquire about our service. We provide free consultation to car dealerships ready and eager to grow. Our programs are cost effective and ROI performance driven.


leads-projects-ongoingThe Biggest Car Dealerships in Canada Buy Leads, Have An Awesome Sales Team, And Convert At 20%+




You Can Spend Time Doing Marketing or You Can Spend Time Selling More Cars, You Decide…


Dealerships that focus on buying leads and selling cars ALWAYS sell more cars. We want you to have the same approach. Train your team to follow up with all leads aggressively and find vehicle solutions with your lenders and inventory. Focus on selling more cars and allow us to make your email buzz every day with new leads to call.

Your sales team will love our leads because they will make more commission and convert better and faster.

Why are our leads more responsive?

Answer: Because we don’t resell them to 4-5 dealerships in your area. Our leads are waiting for one dealership to call them, to get them approved for a car loan, and get them in a car. Our leads are exclusive to one dealership only. Even though we have many dealerships in the same area in many cases, we round robin the leads so everyone gets there order. This way your lead is always dedicated to your dealership.

How do we know we are the best?

Answer: Because our dealership clients continuously are requesting more leads on a weekly basis. After you get a 50 leads in a few weeks, you will sell 5-10 cars (20%+ conversion), and you as well will request more leads. Its all about your ROI. We will be your best auto loan lead provider within 4-6 weeks after you evaluate



Whether You Want To Sell 10 More Cars Per Month or 100 More Cars Per Month, We Will Help You Grow Your Dealership AtNo Contract and No Monthly Fees.


Only Pay For Qualified Leads You Get.


Need To Sell More Cars?

Purchase Exclusive Auto Loan Leads & Watch Your Sales Increase In Just 4-6 Weeks! We are Best Auto Finance Lead Provider in Canada. Get Exclusive Highest Quality Leads. Leads start within 7 days from order.


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